Music for the Movement

“Revolutionary Love” by Ani Di Franco

Inspired by Valarie Kaur and her book See No Stranger, Ani DiFranco wrote the song “Revolutionary Love” for us, for this movement. It’s also the title track of her new album, available for purchase along with the book SEE NO STRANGER.


“It is a Rhythm” by Maggie Wheeler

“It is a rhythm: step away to rage, return to listen, and reimagine the solutions together.” Singer Maggie Wheeler read these words in SEE NO STRANGER and turned them into song. Watch Maggie debut “It is a Rhythm” during our teaching series 10 Days to Activate Revolutionary Love and sing along! You can purchase “It is a Rhythm” directly from Maggie’s website here.

“Maybe I’ll Sing” by Maggie Wheeler

This song is an invitation to consider all of the ways we might bring breath into our bodies. You can purchase “Maybe I’ll Sing” directly from Maggie’s website here.

“We Won’t Sleep” by Ari Afsar

Watch Hamilton star, artist, and activist Ari Afsar perform at the People’s Inauguration, created by Valarie Kaur. This song is from Ari’s original play Jeannette about the life of Jeannette Rankin, the first female congressperson to be elected into federal office.

“Chardi Kala” by Sonny Singh

Sikh singer, songwriter, and musician Sonny Singh captures the essence of Chardi Kala with this uplifting song. The Sikh concept of ever-rising spirits, even in darkness, is a particular kind of joy. A joy that comes from laboring in revolutionary love. You can stream or download “Chardi Kala” here.